happily finished , now I have to look after for a dozen

For you, as a potential puppy buyer, the most important thing is to love  and  to have knowledge about the breed, to get to know about all positive and negative sides of the breed and to test yourself if that is the right breed for you. I am here, as a breeder, to help you in that process. Don't be suprised if I question you a lot or press you with suggestions and advices which is necessary to make the best match between you and the puppy. Be prepared for the big commitment as turning puppy into well-behaved dog takes a good deal of time and effort. If you succeed in raising your puppy properly, you will get a great companion in your obedient dog and you will be happy with it's long and happy life . Most of all you will be constantly suprised with an inteligence of your dog who loves to be where you are and follows your activities, actually, living your life. Focussing on Rhodesian Ridgeback's caracteristics you will find more explanation inside or link to: http://dogtime.com/dog-breeds/rhodesian-ridgeback#size

Hestia 4th week
Hestia 8th week
3 months
usually I sleep like this
Hestia(5months) & Fleka
6 months
like to be a leader and I am fast
I am very stout
I like this kind of play